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March 26, 2012 by SirBedwyr
Frogboy, you talk a lot about AI regarding games and all the work you've done tweaking it for turn-based methods. When you talk about AI, is there a particular discipline you work with or that appeals to you when dealing with decision making?


My background: I've been working for... shoot almost 2 years now on some university unmanned systems research. The algorithm we're working on is primarily deterministic (it's not that complicated actually, just a method for weig...
January 22, 2010 by SirBedwyr
If I do a search within just WindowBlinds and then try to re-sort the results to "highest rated" on the drop-down above the results display  I lose Windowblinds and sort through the entire site.




November 30, 2009 by SirBedwyr
I've pretty much made the switch.  The image search handling is very nice as is video.  The thing that put me over the top is having Wolfram Alpha integrated into the system.  Seriously, if I'm at some point able to search for data and then process it through some kind of 3-D integration and get my own interpretation just on a search system?  Wow.  BTW: I love Alpha already just because it does an excellent job of assisting and showing logical steps through&nbs...
November 18, 2009 by SirBedwyr
Looking for some further development experience, especially creating a GUI and working inside an IDE like V Studio or Eclipse.  Anyone, especially of the SD variety welcome to lend advice on what would be a nice small problem to solve.  Mostly just for practice, but I have ulterior motives.


Pilot becoming an engineer.  Know my way around the basics of Java, C++, Matlab, and Labview.  No formal data structures training work yet.  Working on finagling a G...
October 31, 2009 by SirBedwyr
Fences is a brilliant idea and a very good product.  I look forward to using the professional edition.  One issue though is that as good as it is to have your stuff be organized and turned into a usable workspace, when you open up Explorer or any other file manager that organization turns to soup.  So if I have 20 cpp files in a project pluse 30 image files for a separate project, I go right back to hunting and pecking for the right file when trying to use an 'open' dialogue.

October 22, 2009 by SirBedwyr
Microsoft is offering Windows 7 to students for $30 for a limited time.  HOWEVER. 


As far as I can tell from social.technet, Microsoft and Digital River messed up the OS packaging.  Customers who are currently running XP or Vista 32 bit will be unable to successfully extract and run the Win7 64 download download, even if they intend to format a partition and install.  Note:  You do NOT get an ISO with this purchase.  Customers running a 64 bit...
September 16, 2009 by SirBedwyr
Under the assumption that a major change in computing will inevitably bite me in the ass...

For retail versions of Windows 7, are both 32 and 64 bit included?  Can a user switch between them?

For OEM versions of Windows 7, are both 32 and 64 bit included?  And can a user swith between those?

How are the hardware manufacturers managing this?  (I'm eying a Dell XPS laptop)
February 3, 2009 by SirBedwyr
I'm posting the message content here to alert others in case they're having the same issues:

I brought this up earlier and wanted to provide an update.  I archived Supreme Commander on my XP laptop and attempted to transfer it to my Vista desktop.  This did not work because the download was OS specific.  A previous support email suggested I try archiving via right-click directly to the archive folder before installing.  I spent some time with Windows 7 beta and then uninst...